An Overview of Texas

tutors-in-texasAlmost everything about Texas is big including some of its cities. This state, which has one of the fastest growing and diverse populations in America, is practically a country in itself.

The largest city in Texas, and the fourth largest in America, is Houston. This cultural center and home of higher learning is also a very exciting place to spend some time in. Rich in green space, the city has many great parks, most notably the premier Hermann Park, which has a great zoo, a museum of natural science and a planetarium. Other attractions include the Space Center, Houston Museum, the world-renowned Alley Theatre, and the Galleria, which is one of the most upscale shopping centers in the world.

Dallas is a very interesting city that boasts of a wide range of famous attractions that visitors of all ages are sure to love. There is so much to see and do here that visitors will need several days to tackle everything and those who have limited time should consider taking a guided tour of Dallas.

Perhaps most significant of all, Dallas is the city where JFK was murdered and the tours of the city include a visit to the now infamous book depository. The city of San Antonio, in south central Texas, has a charming Mexican quarter and an 18th century Spanish Governor’s Palace.

For something hip, Austin, the state’s capital, is highly popular with young people across America for a decade or so, as it is a city with its own rock ‘n’ roll scene, American coffee shop and a thriving bar culture.

People who really want to see all that Texas has to offer will need a car at their disposal. Fortunately, the roads throughout the state are in excellent condition and driving provides visitors with the freedom to stop wherever they choose to and travel at their own pace.