As the name suggests, this site is all about the state of Texas in the USA and all of the things that make this part of the world so special. Texas is situated close to the Mexican border, and this helps to impart to this large state, plenty of diversity and spice. Among the things that Texas is best known for are its music, cuisine and the vibrant cities.

Of course, the best way for those who have never visited Texas, it is better for them to go the state, to gain an understanding of what makes the state so special. This large and vibrant state with its many cities as well as natural attractions is just waiting to be discovered.

On this site, visitors will find a large collection of articles that present information on some of the most exciting places to visit and things to do in this state. People who take the time to check out these articles will find information on Texan cuisine that is waiting to be enjoyed, and some of the places to sample it.

People who are planning a trip to Texas will also find information on the best time of year to visit so that they can truly get the most out of their vacation and enjoy it to the full. These are some of the things that are available to on this site and a potential visitor to the state is requested to make sure that they visit this site regularly so that they can get all the latest information they need.